Next Thanksgiving Day, maybe book yourself at the spa weekend

Driving in Sedona can be just as delightful as reaching the Pacific Ocean after a cross-country trip, as runners’ competitors gain contrast as they approach the red rocks, soaking you with warmth. Roadside signs indicate Horsethief Basin, Agua Fria, or Arizona ghost towns such as Bumble Bee and Crown King. I had expected a Marlboro man to cross across the valley on horseback, shaded on thick pampas and giant cactuses.

How to improve breathing during workouts

By this point, you will likely give up on the idea that you will invest in yourself to do vigorous exercise. You’ve got wicked outfits, you’re so proud to have Theragun recovery after fitness, and you’ve gone beyond your comfort zone to include yoga in your weekly routine. But you probably haven’t thought much about how to increase one of your most basic functions: breathing.

What is health?

In 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) determined the authenticity of the authoritative source still in use today.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social health, not just illness or disability.” World Health Organization, 1948.

3 ways to stay fit when you’re a new father

Every Saturday morning I participate in a strong man amateur. Over the past six years, a core group of us has come to find creative ways to capture and put heavy things back. During that time, he married men and divorced. They’ve turned jobs. These major milestones did not have a lasting effect on fitness. I did one: have children.

When should I drink protein shake?

I just finished training. You feel the accomplishment – whipped, swine, jacket, orange, muscular, ripped, broken, and you are in the midst of a sense of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “pump.” And it’s all great as long as you don’t. “Say any of these words out loud to anyone.