The importance of sport for health

The availability of amenities and movement that led to technological advancement has reduced sports for many people. Before the invention of transport, people used to move from one place to another by walking, which is one of the most important and simplest types of sports that a person can do and that if he exercises two or three times a week, it helps him to maintain the activity and vitality of the body. In previous times, men were interested in sports such as swimming, horse racing, etc.
Sports have different types that a person can do and choose the appropriate type according to their physical abilities, also taking into account age, and there is no need to perform violent exercises that would harm the human body rather than benefit from it.
The benefits of exercise for health The benefits of exercise for the body are very many, we may know each other and others may seem strange but true.
Keep the heart in a state of constant activity, and the more a person exercises, the higher the heart rate, thus increasing blood pumping with oxygen and food throughout the body. This is important for heart patients to protect them from coronary artery thrombosis.
Exercise strengthens bones and protects people from osteoporosis. It works to strengthen muscles and delay aging. For example, we see on TV screens elderly people who are fully healthy and do not suffer from any diseases, even though they are over eighty years old, and this is evident in East Asian countries such as China and Japan because sports in their schools are taught from an early age, just like Any important topic, especially taekwondo.
In addition, sports and obesity do not unite. Exercise maintains body fitness because it burns fat, tightens the body, and maintains the appropriate weight for the person who exercises it, giving it the self-confidence that we often notice on athletes.
It is strange that exercise is an important factor for those who suffer from insomnia, because the effort made during exercise helps the body sleep comfortably.
Exercise can reduce stress, anxiety, and stress, and also help relieve depression. This is why psychologists are advised to exercise because it gives a feeling of vitality and activity, which reduces the severity of psychological fatigue, as well as the benefits it helps to focus on.
To get the benefits of exercise, it is recommended that you practice it outdoors to take advantage of oxygen. If someone is forced to exercise in a room, he must open the windows. From all of this, we came to the conclusion that school principals should teach the child the importance of sport and give weekly lessons to practice and care for sports. Among the positive effects on human health, do not forget, dear reader, that after exercise, one should take a break and then drink water or juice to replace the fluid lost from the body due to sweating.